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as Electrical Professional
in Germany

We provide a pathway for electrical professionals from non-EU countries to establish their careers in Germany.

Initially, our candidates are placed in assistant-level positions to fulfill the requirements of the Opportunity Card and to integrate into the German workforce. This first step serves as a bridge to employment in Germany, providing valuable local work experience and income. Once settled in Germany, Green Professionals actively assists in advancing your career by facilitating the transition to skilled positions that match your qualifications. Being in Germany opens up many doors for skilled employment, thanks to more visibility and better access to local job markets.

Step 1: Assistant-level Employment with Opportunity Card

We offer a unique employment model where you are directly hired by Green Professionals for a one-year term. During this period, you will engage in various temporary work assignments across diverse companies. These assignments typically involve supportive roles and are tailored to meet the requirements of the Opportunity Card, guaranteeing a maximum of 20 working hours per week with a net income of at least € 1,027 per month. This income is what you take home after all taxes and insurance contributions, including a health insurance plan granting you full access to the German healthcare system.

Working part-time with us opens up opportunities for personal development. You'll have the time to attend language and integration courses, as well as professional training tailored to German electrical work standards. The cost of these courses is highly subsidized by the German government.

Step 2: Skilled-level Employment with Permanent Work Permit

Right from the start, we begin the process of finding you a job that fits your professional abilities and credentials. You can count on our full support every step of the way. Once you have obtained a skilled-level job, you can switch to a standard work permit. This step allows you to work full-time, relocate your family, and get the right to live permanently in Germany.

Check If You Qualify for the Opportunity Card

The Opportunity Card is your gateway to a thriving career in Germany's electrical sector. It's designed for non-EU professionals who aim to leverage their skills in a dynamic new environment. Eligibility for the Opportunity Card depends on various factors, including your professional background and qualifications.

Apply at Green Professionals

If you are an electrician, electrical technician, or electrical engineer from a non-EU country and qualify for the Opportunity Card, apply with Green Professionals to advance your career in Germany.

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