Electrical Service Technician for Solar PV Systems (in Germany)


Green Professionals is a Germany-based recruitment agency partnering with leading companies throughout the country. We are actively searching for skilled candidates to join our client companies as Industrial electronics engineer. Stepping into Germany’s robust green job sector through us means exceptional opportunities for your career growth. Our services are fully funded by our German clients, ensuring a seamless relocation from your current country.

Your tasks:
- You will install and set up the DC and AC components of photovoltaic systems, including energy storage devices and wall boxes.
- After the installation, you'll oversee their commissioning to guarantee optimal performance.
- Working closely with our clients, you'll prepare and finalize all necessary measurement protocols and approval documents.
- Your responsibilities also include routine inspections and the maintenance of photovoltaic systems and associated equipment.


- Tunisia: Diplôme de Technicien en Électrotechnique (or a higher degree).
- India: Diploma in Electrical Engineering (or a higher degree).
- German language skills at A2 level (requirement for German work visa application). It typically takes 180 classroom hours of instruction. The employer will refund the expenses for classes and the test.


We recognize the profound nature of making a career shift, especially when it entails moving to a different country. To support you, we provide:
- A permanent employment contract, offering a competitive salary aligned with German industry standards.
- Health insurance with full access to Germany’s world-class healthcare system.
- In Germany, you will receive language and cultural integration courses to make you feel at home quickly.
- This recognition grants you permanent residency rights in Germany, allowing you to bring your family, including parents and in-laws. They will receive an unrestricted work permit and enjoy the same educational, medical, and economic benefits as German citizens.
- We handle the relocation process for you, including visa application, navigating German bureaucracy, and providing accommodation upon arrival.

Eager to elevate your career in Germany? Germany urgently needs skilled professionals like you to drive its energy transition forward. Submit your application, and let us guide you through every step of the process.

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